Privacy Policy

1. General Information

The following Privacy Policy describes the rules applicable to data processing while using the Arlettie Guest platform in the event of private sales managed by ARLETTIE LONDON LIMITED, with its head office at 11 Old Jewry EC2R 8DU London, hereafter “Arlettie”.

This Policy applies to all Personal Data provided by a persn who has received an Arlettie Guest subscription link to a private sale and who is authorized to take part to the private sale (hereafter the “Guest”) while filling the subscription form and the Help & Contact form. The Policy also applies to all Personal Data related to persons invited to the sale by the Guests (hereafter the “Friends & Family”)

Pursuant to the law on Information Technology and Individual Freedom as well as the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

2. Your rights

Each natural person from whom we process Personal Data has a right of access, rectification, deletion, purpose limitation and portability of his/her Personal Data. You can withdraw your consent.·      

  • You have the right to oppose, fully or partially, on legitimate grounds the processing of personal data.

  • You have the right to lodge a complaint before an independent data protection authority.

  • Finally, you can decide of what happens to your Personal Data after your death by sending us your instructions.

To exercise the aforementioned rights, you can send us an email at the following address: or fill the Help & Contact form on the Arlettie Guest Platform.

You can also send us a letter at the following address: Arlettie, 17 avenue Raymond Poincaré 75116, Paris, France.

3. Personal Data Management

3.1 Purposes and legal basis of Personal Data collection

The Personal Data collection via the Arlettie Guest platform allows Arlettie to:

  • Send you personalized invitations to private sales ;

  • Send personalized invitations to the people you invite to the private sale via the Arlettie Guest platform (Friends & Family) ;

  • Produce statistical information on attendance and on the sale for the sale organisers.

Mandatory fields to subscribe for yourself and your Friends and Family like last name, first name, email and password are marked with an asterisk in the collection form. 

By subscribing on the Arlettie Guest platform, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data and you warrant that you have obtained the appropriate consent from your Friends & Family.

3.2 Storage of Personal Data

User profile Personal Data are stored for a duration of 6 months after the end of the private sale, except in the following particular cases :

-       If you explicitly gave us your consent while subscribing that we can keep the data related to your user account. In that event, your Personal Data will be kept until the deletion of your account.

-       Personal Data related to invoicing are kept as long as legally required.

-       Upon brand request Personal Data are deleted right after the private sale.

3.3 Recipients of Personal Data

In its processing of Personal Data, Arlettie works with the following subcontractors:

- Heroku

- Sendgrid

- Salesforce

- IT Provider

Furthermore, the sales organizer reserves the right to cancel the Guest and his/her Friends & Family invitations following the aforementioned check.

Arlettie will not share Personal Data with any third party without your prior consent, except in response to a court order or a request from a judicial or administrative authority.

3.4 International transfers

Arlettie may enter into contracts with international clients to organize the private sales.

In that case the recipient of your Personal Data can be located abroad, including outside the European Economic Area. Any transfer outside the EEA shall be conducted with the adequate level of protection to your Personal Data, within a contractual or pre-contractual relationship, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulation.

You can ask for a copy of the adequate guarantee by sending a letter to the following address: Arlettie, 17 Avenue Raymond Poincaré 75116 Paris, France or to the following email:

3.5  Personal Data Safety and Confidentiality

Arlettie has technical and organizational “state of art” security measures in place, in particular regarding the safety of its information system. Arlettie aims to provide for all relevant measures to ensure the confidentiality and safety of your Personal Data, to prevent any alteration, damage or loss and to prevent unauthorized third party to access them.

Arlettie ensures that its subcontractors offer the same level of technical and organisational safety:

We kindly remind you that the password associated to your account is and shall remain strictly personal.

4. Cookies

4.1  What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which may be saved onto a dedicated location on your device hard drive (computer, tablet computer, smartphone,…) while browsing a service online via your web browser.

4.2  Cookies issued on our website

When you log into our Arlettie Guest platform, subject to your choices, we may install cookies on your device.

Cookies we issue allow us to:

  • Identify the web browser used

  • Remember the information used to fill the subscription form

  • Access your account

4.3  Cookies settings

You can manage the placing of cookies via your browser settings. Changing the cookie settings may change your internet browsing and your access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.

The deletion of cookies required to provide certain services will prevent you from accessing certain contents or services which require your identification and the identification in particular of the type of browser used on your device with its language and display settings. In this case, Arlettie accepts no responsibility with regard to any consequence resulting in degraded services due to the impossibility to save or access cookies required for their proper functioning which you would have refused or deleted.    You can express or change your cookie preferences at any time via the alternatives described hereafter.

4.3.1  Choices offered by your web browser :

You can configure your web browser to allow cookies to be saved on your device, or, on the contrary, to reject cookies either systematically or depending on their issuer. You can also configure your web browser to ask your authorization before any cookie gets saved on your device.

4.3.2  How to exercise your choice depending on your browser ?

Cookies management changes depending on your browser configuration. For more detail, click on the links below. For Internet Explorer™ :

For Safari™ :

For Chrome™ :  

For Firefox™ :

For Opera™ :

4.3.3  Your choices expressed online via interprofessional platforms

For advertising cookies, you can visit the website Youonlinechoices proposed by the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) for professional online advertisers. You will find the list of companies allowing you to configure cookies they use to adapt advertising displayed on your device based on your browsing:

This configuration will not prevent advertising display on the websites you will visit, but will block technologies meant to tailor ads to your interests

Further information on cookies and their use is available to you at